Ideas for Custom Paint and Graphics Design for Your Motorcycle

Graphics Design

If you want to create a custom paint and graphics design for your motorcycle, know that high contrast with strong elements works great. It’s good to opt for intricate designs as bold and uncomplicated designs are more eye-catching. Below are a few design ideas that can help you come up with a great design for your motorcycle. Masculine Designs Some custom designs make your bike look masculine and tough. These designs feature dragons, skulls, lightning, flames, demons, and angels play the same part. Aside from this, religious symbols, such as crosses also make the same impression. For linking different objects, …

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Tips For Painting Your Motorcycle


Do you want to paint your motorcycle yourself? If so, you can save a good deal of money by following the tips given below. Paint Equipment First off, you need two paint guns, an air compressor, a regulator and an air hose. The first gun will be used for the primer and the other for the base coats.   Preparation Before you begin, make sure that the oil and fuel tanks are free of leaks. Next, you should sandblast the metal parts for removing the previous paint. Use a non-oil degreaser to wipe down the area you sanded. Your next …

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An Awesome Idea to Paint Your Motorcycle


You can do complex and creative designs yourself even if you are a beginner. This guide can help beginners like you. With a bit of time and effort, creating a personalized design won’t be hard for you. The purpose of this DIY guide is to help you explore your creative instinct. Follow the steps that are given below to get started. Step 1: You can follow this step if you are going to work on a surface that is already painted. First, you need to remove the old paint using sandpaper. You can save time by using a paint stripper. …

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6 Things to Consider Before You Paint Your Motorcycle


Do you want to paint your motorcycle again? Maybe the old paint is peeling off or you just want to change it. No matter what the reason is, you should know a few important things that are explained below. Before you paint your motorcycle, experiment with a cheap frame or old metal tube. After all, you may not want to do a poor job. After all, practice makes you perfect. Use a lint-free towel and rubbing alcohol for cleaning your frame. If it’s not carbon, steel or aluminum, sanding it may help keep the paint stuck to the surface. As …

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