6 Things to Consider Before You Paint Your Motorcycle


Do you want to paint your motorcycle again? Maybe the old paint is peeling off or you just want to change it. No matter what the reason is, you should know a few important things that are explained below.

  1. Before you paint your motorcycle, experiment with a cheap frame or old metal tube. After all, you may not want to do a poor job. After all, practice makes you perfect.
  2. Use a lint-free towel and rubbing alcohol for cleaning your frame. If it’s not carbon, steel or aluminum, sanding it may help keep the paint stuck to the surface.

As far as choosing sandpaper is concerned, we suggest that you opt for 1,500-grade sandpaper. This will help you texture the surface before you spray paint on it.

  1. it’s a good idea to opt for quality paint. Besides, make sure you have a low-pressure can. Actually, the paint should come out slowly, which will make it easier for you work on the surface. Don’t make the mistake of mixing different lines or brands. Different brands will react poorly.
  2. You can use painter’s tape on areas of the frame of your motorcycle that will keep the parts attached, such as dropouts, head tube, seat tube, and bottom break, to name a few. If you have aluminum frames, you can give a go to a good quality tape.
  3. Don’t forget to secure the frame. This will help you paint it more easily. Wedging the head tube into the motorcycle’s dowel is a good idea.
  4. After you have secured the frame, you can go ahead and finish the job.

If you or a friend of yours want to paint a motorcycle, make sure you keep these things in mind. These tips will help you avoid costly mistake and ensure the job is well done.