Ideas for Custom Paint and Graphics Design for Your Motorcycle

Graphics Design

If you want to create a custom paint and graphics design for your motorcycle, know that high contrast with strong elements works great. It’s good to opt for intricate designs as bold and uncomplicated designs are more eye-catching. Below are a few design ideas that can help you come up with a great design for your motorcycle.

Masculine Designs

Some custom designs make your bike look masculine and tough. These designs feature dragons, skulls, lightning, flames, demons, and angels play the same part. Aside from this, religious symbols, such as crosses also make the same impression. For linking different objects, flames, tribal designs and barbed wire can also be used.

TV Shows and Movies

TV shows, movies, music videos and your favorite characters may also inspire great designs. All you have to do is choose a character or scene from your favorite movie or TV show and use it to create an amazing design. All of this boils down to your personal taste.

In this category, the design elements can be put together in an imaginative fashion. You can do anything using your creativity. For instance, a bike with a Spiderman theme can look great with white spider webs. All you have to do is think out of the box, and you will be able to create a design that will grab the eyes of everyone.

Hobbies, Heritage, and occupation

If you want to show your hobbies, heritage or occupation, this category is for you. Design elements may include pictures that may evoke a theme like stars and badges.

If you are a pet lover, you can include a favorite pet design. Moreover, Celtic designs are made part of the designs as a focal point or to connect other parts. For instance, you can consider an American flag. This will work well.