Tips For Painting Your Motorcycle


Do you want to paint your motorcycle yourself? If so, you can save a good deal of money by following the tips given below.

Paint Equipment

First off, you need two paint guns, an air compressor, a regulator and an air hose. The first gun will be used for the primer and the other for the base coats.  


Before you begin, make sure that the oil and fuel tanks are free of leaks. Next, you should sandblast the metal parts for removing the previous paint. Use a non-oil degreaser to wipe down the area you sanded.

Your next move is to fill the low spots with filler. After it hardens, sand it again. Once it looks smooth, moves to the next part: the primer.

After the primer dries, go ahead and spray black paint over the surface to highlight any defects. Fix the trouble areas using finishing putty. Afterward, sand it using sandpaper.  

Now, apply a final coat of primer. Roughen the surface with sandpaper. Before you apply the base coat, you should use a bit of epoxy sealer to prevent bubbles.

Base Coat & Clear Coat

Based on the instructions of the manufacturer, you should apply the color and then apply another layer of clear coat. Sand it after the coat has dried.

If you want to print graphics, this is your next step. You need at least two clear coats over the graphics. Don’t forget to sand between the two coats. The Guys at Asbestos removal vancouver have added some amazing graphics to their work truck. Check it out if you have some time. 


The last requires you to use a buffing pad, a variable speed polisher and a bit of polishing compound. If you don’t know which compound to choose, you can ask your supplier for recommendations.

Lastly, you need to buff the surface to make it shine.

So, if you want to paint your motorcycle, make sure you follow the tips given in this blog post.